About me

For over 30 years I have lived and worked in Munich. I studied interior architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich and created the basics for my pictures there. I find inspiration for my painting in nature and through people which I interpret in different ways. Colors, color compositions, color sensations and spatial effects are important of my work, which should reflect the joy of life. A certain motif is not always easily recognizable in the abstract paintings. The viewers are invited to feel lightness, openness or tensions and to let their emotions run free.


02.05. – 07.05.2021ARTBOX Projects Barcelona 1.0
09.03. – 25.03.2021THE LINE Contemporary Art Space London
07.09. – 25.09.2020Messestadt München-Riem, Kultur-Etage
01.09. – 31.10.2020Nachhaltigkeit, Stadtteilbibliothek München Sendling
20.08. – 24.08.2020SwissArt EXPO Zürich 2.0
22.07. – 22.10.2019Münchner Bank Filiale München Sendling
09.08. – 31.08.2019Kunst in Sendling, Eckladen Oberländerstr. 30, München
27.06. – 03.07.2019Let’s talk about art, baby – Dialog vor dem Original“, M-Sendling
01.03. – 15.03.2019Autoren Galerie 1, München
12.10. – 14.10.2018Kontorhaus 2, München offene Ateliertage Kunst in Sendling
17.11. – 14.12.2017Achtzig Galerie, Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg
18.03. – 16.06.2017Galerie 4You, Krefeld
2015 / 2016 / 2018Sardenhaus im Westpark, München

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SWISSARTEXPO Zürich 2.0 – Catalog at Amazon, ISBN No. 978-3-03899-517-3
ARTBOX/Project Barcelona 1.0 – Catalog at Amazon, ISBN No. 978-3-03899-437-4
ARTBOX/Project World 1.0 – Katalog at ARTBOX, ISBN Nr. 978-3-03899-756-6

Artery New York City
THE LINE Contemporary Art Space London

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