Colors create emotions

Colors create emotions. Everyone feels it differently. Nature determines the variety of colors. A harmonious world of colors creates a feeling of well-being in us, in which we like to stay without exactly knowing the reason for it. We like to go for walks, hikes and relax in nature. Here we can let our thoughts run free and make everyday problems appear much smaller. We calm down and our thoughts are organized.

It is due to the many green and earth tones that surround us. If we bring this color world into our immediate surroundings, we can also relax here from everyday life.
In contrast, oranges and reds seem warmer to us, but they take us on an emotional journey. The sensations we then have are more longings for something we would like to have – good food (that’s why restaurants are often orange), wanderlust (think of a sunset), campfires (warmth and security that surrounds us give). Much more could be enumerated.
Blue tones, on the other hand, make us think of something cool, cold or frozen. On a hot summer’s day, cool off in the water, add ice cubes to a drink or just a refreshment. Again and again we should think about which feelings are moving us and which color puts us in which mood. We should be aware of the colors that make us aggressive and stir us up.