Artist statement

I want to encourage people to feel free and to go unfamiliar paths – courage pays off. In my work I feel the freedom to express myself without coercion.

It want to experiment, tensions and irritations Create overlays. To do this, I use different techniques, layers and materials. The entire color palette is available, is used skillfully, painterly and lively and reflects my zest for life and determination. In my art I clearly and decisively set my colors, surfaces, lines and structures. The resulting compositions are powerful and lively. The lightness in the pictures is created by a sweeping brushstroke. They are complex and allow many interpretations for the viewer. Motifs are alienated through abstraction and a wide variety of materials. Curious and prudent, I would like to explore techniques and painting styles and incorporate them intelligently into motifs. The resulting structures are lively and moving.

My art should have an effect on people to perceive the positive and the joy in what they do. My vision is that every person becomes aware of his abilities and uses them positively in his life.

Upcoming exhibitions 2022:

May-June 20222022.05.28 -2022.06.08
Little Treasures 2022, Bologna
May2022.05.07 - 2022.05.20
Arteg Kunstgalerie Makowski, 83684 Tegernsee

I am looking forward to your visit.